The World Public Health Nutrition Association is an individual membership organisation. Membership is open to anybody who supports, and is committed to, the aims and purpose of the Association. The Association also provides a professional certification scheme for members who work in public health nutrition.

Our members, from more than 65 countries, form a global network and have created a dynamic forum to exchange views to support each other in our work. We welcome members at all stages in their careers, and from all parts of the world.


  • Advocate at local, national, and international level to promote our purpose.
  • Provide leadership and scholarship to strengthen the evidence base for effective action.
  • Work to strengthen the capacity for action by working with partners to build the system and structure in which a well-trained workforce can operate. That includes:
  • Leading on workforce development in public health nutrition;
    b. running a professional certification scheme to assure quality for professional public health nutrition; and
    c. running a course accreditation scheme to assure the quality of training.
  • Work with partners to support the effective development and delivery of policies and programmes that will promote better public health nutrition.Provide a forum for the discussion by running:
  • An active website and newsletter;
    e. an international journal devoted to discussion and debate;
    f. meetings, conferences and other related activities.

 We affirm that good health is a human right, and we follow ethical principles, including those of transparency, equity and respect.