Field Trip:  Monday, 29 August 2016  (8h00- 14h30)

Cost: R250 per person (see booking details below)

Contact: Nikki Schaay, School of Public Health, UWC (

The School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape has arranged for participants to visit two local non-profit organisations that focus on different aspects of nutrition.

The first site visit will be to the Philippi Horticulture Area (PHA), a unique 3,000ha farmland located within the urban fringe of Cape Town that has been supplying fresh produce to the city since 1885. The area plays a critical role in the City’s food system: it produces around 100 000 tonnes of vegetables a year, employs approximately 4 000 people, and supports an array of small-scale farming initiatives in the area.  The area also plays a vital role as one of the last remaining recharge or catchment area of the Cape Flats Aquifer.

However, faced with competing demands on the land for housing, the PHA is under constant threat of being developed – a turn of events that will have grave implications for long-term food security within the City of Cape Town.

The site visit will focus on the work of the PHA Food & Farming Campaign, which is advocating for the long term protection of the area.  Campaign organiser, Nazeer Ahmed Sonday, will facilitate the visit and will introduce participants to the PHA, the Campaign and a local, eco-friendly model of small-scale farming.

Further information about the PHA can be found here:

The second part of the site visit will be to Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust and its multi-purpose day care centre in Nyanga, Cape Town.   Established in 2001 in response to the frequent AIDS-related deaths of the parents and small children in Nyanga,  Etafeni has subsequently grown to include a range of educational, health and environmental interventions for pre-schoolers, scholars, young adults and women.  The prevention of malnutrition and nutritional rehabilitation is a key strategy within many of these interventions.

The site visit will include a walk around the Centre and an introduction to some of its key programmes such as the Early Childhood Development Centre, the Centre’s food garden and Women’s Wellness and Skills Development Centre.    An in-depth discussion with Barbara Miller, Etafeni’s Development Manager and Theresa O’Gorman (Dietician) about the nutritional needs and challenges faced by the local community  – along with some reflections on the strategies  adopted by Etafeni’s to tackling these will be held.

More information about Etafeni can be found here:

The programme for the day will be as follows:

08h00 – 09h00                 Departure from Inn on the Square, Cape Town CBD by bus

09h00 – 11h30                 Site Visit: Philippi Horticulture Area (PHA)

11h30 – 12h00                 Travel to Nyanga

12h00 –  14h00                 Site Visit: Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust

14h00 – 14h30                 Return to Inn on the Square, Cape Town, CBD.

The cost of the site visit will be R250 per person and includes tea at PHA, lunch at Etafeni as well as a donation to each of the organisations.  Participants are required to  pay in cash upfront at the departure point as venues and services will be paid in cash on the day.