Capacity Development for Public Health Nutrition

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Community Health & Nutrition Programs

Workshop Abstracts

Oral Abstracts

Perceptions of school food vendors about the food they sell & childhood obesity

Community based delivery of early childhood nutrition & development in a rural district, Northern Cape Province – Opportunities based on intersectoral collaboration

The Perspective of the Learner & the Educator about a Food & Nutrition Education Program Developed with Women in Brazil

Towards the reduction of obesity in South Africa

Diabetes-related knowledge, attitude & practices of adult patients with type 2 diabetes in the Free State, South Africa

Prevalence, risk factors, & management of anemia among pregnant women in western Uganda

Fathers Involvement & Participation In Feeding The Under Fives – Can it Save The Childrens Nutritional Status

Households, the Omitted Level in Contextual Analysis-Disentangling the Relative Influence of Households & Districts on the Variation of BMI Over Two Decades in Indonesia

Community based Interventions reduced the Maternal anemia & hence reduce low birth weight incidence

Dissecting the multi-sectoral approach to nutrition specific & sensitive programming in Uganda

Overweight & obesity among employees of selected sedentary occupations in Gaborone, Botswana

Did HealthKick, a randomised controlled trial primary school nutrition intervention, improve dietary quality of children in low income settings in South Africa

Anthropometric indices & risk factor for malnutrition among elderly (60 – 70years) in Ibiasogbe community, Oru west local government area, Imo state, Nigeia

Critical examination of evidence for the nutritional status of children in Papua New Guinea – A systematic review

Improving Child & Maternal Nutrition Through Community Managed Nutrition cum Daycare Centers – Experience from Fulwari Initiative in India

Nutrient patterns of rural & urban South African men & women in 2005 & 2010 – The PURE Study

Promotion of Healthy Diet to Prevent Non-Communicable Diseases

Healthy eating & active living (HEAL) guideline to control childhood overweight & obesity in urban area of Bangladesh – A school based feasibility study

Supporting Nutrition for Australian Childcare

Youth-led Nutrition Enhancement Initiatives for PLWHA & OVCs in Zimbabwe

Reliability of a food frequency questionnaire for children & adolescents – Preliminary results from the SAYCARE Study

Evidence Against Common Sense in Nutrition 2 – People should use energy balance to adjust their energy intake

Community Based Vitamin A Supplementation Pilot for Improved Coverage in Buhera & Mutasa Districts, Zimbabwe

Worksite Intervention Study to Combat Obesity Among Civil Servants in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia

The more sedentary activity on the weekend, the higher risk of obesity in Indonesian children

Growth after vitamin A at routine vaccination contacts

Socio-Cognitive Predictors of exclusive breastfeeding among premiparous women in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Association of depression with general & central obesities in Azeri & Kurd ethnic groups in Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran

Association of major dietary patterns with anthropometric indices based on gender & ethnicity in Iran

Can urbanisation disparities help to explain the double burden of malnutrition in Bobo-Dioulasso – A study in the secondary city of Burkina Faso, West Africa

Poverty, the common trait of the double burden of undernutrition & cardio-metabolic risk factors among the women of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa

Sub-clinic inflammation, a factor associated with both cardio-metabolic risk factors & micronutrient deficiencies in adults of Ouagadougou

Validity of a physical activity questionnaire for South American Children & Adolescents – Results from the SAYCARE multicenter study

Process Evaluation Shows Grandmother-Inclusive Approach Feasible for Improving Maternal Nutrition & Infant Feeding

An enigma – Why high-dose vitamin A supplementation does not always reduce mortality even though vitamin A deficiency is associated with increased mortality

The nutrition transition-nutrient-based patterns over 20 years in African women in South Africa

Are school feeding programmes children effective for improving physical health, educational performance & cognitive performance – Why? – Under what circumstances? For whom?

Cooking for Health – Delivering Healthy Diets to Low-Income Families through Community Kitchens in Peru

Effectiveness of Community Based Intervention in Improving Infants & Young Child Feeding & Caring Practices in Remote Villages in Palestine

Household Visitation Using Health in Papua New Guinea

Impact of Use of Diversified Locally Available Foods In Community Based Nutrition Rehabilitation Of Children 6 – 36 Months, In North Rukiga Uganda

Nutritional Status of Children Aged 6-36 Months in Two ICDS Blocks of Rajasthan State, India

Effectiveness of dietary guidance in improving female primary caregivers’ food selection practices & nutritional status of children

Stability Of Somatotypes – A Longitudinal Study Of Ellisras Rural Boys

How to translate multisectoral programming for stunting reduction into practice – Experiences from accelerating stunting reduction in under-two children in Rwanda

An Accountability Approach to Strengthen Child Nutrition Services

Nutrition education positively influenced the use of nutrition labels on pre-packaged foods & purchase decision among young people in Obafemi Awolowo University Community, Nigeria

Poster Abstracts

Excessive Iodine Intake In Elementary Schoolchildren At Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Factors Influencing Adherence To Iron & Folate Supplements By Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic At Thika Level 5 Hospital In Kenya

Food-Based Dietary Guidelines – Methods used to synthesize evidence & grade recommendations

Household’s Food Handling Practices Of Mudimeli Village, Makhado Municipality, Vhembe District

Is salt consumption in local foods a public health concern among Mauritian adults

Multisectoral Plan to fight malnutrition in Mozambique

Perception Practices of Healthy Lifestyle in Late Adolescence & its Impact on Body Mass Index – A Survey Study

Prevalence Of Anaemia Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care In Medical Facilities Within Ekwulobia Aguata Local Government Area Anambra State Nigeria

Prevalence of Hypertension & Associated Risk Factors among Maasai Communities in Simanjiro, Tanzania

Prevalence of Malaria, Knowledge & Practice of Malaria Preventive Strategies Among Caregivers in Abeokuta South Local Government Area, Ogun State Nigeria

Promotion of nutrition through food based dietary guidelines

Teachers´ self perception of their dietary behaviour & needs to teach healthy eating habits in the schools

The Analysis of Intake & Effects of Trans fats in relation to the risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The coverage of the Technical Standard System of Food & Nutrition Surveillance, in the sphere of Primary Care, in Brasília-DF, 2015

The efficacy & effectiveness of 5-holed salt shakers for reducing salt dispensed by takeaway fish and chip shops in England

The influence of the food environment on nutrition related chronic diseases in Langa Township, South Africa

Vitamin D & cardiovascular diseases – Literature review from the perspective of Brazilian studies

Waist to Height Ratio as a Measure of Abdominal Obesity in Ellisras Rural Children mean age 6.9 years to 13 years over time (1996 to 2003)

Addressing Stunting Through Multi-Sectoral Approaches – Challenges & Opportunities in India

Advising overweight persons to control weight by Lithuanian health care professionals in 2000 – 2014

Analisys of the coverage development of the National Program of Vitamin A Supplementation in Brasília – DF from 2014 to 2015

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices (KAP) on salt consumption in Casablanca Morocco

Association between Framingham Risk Score & risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Developing & Implementing Food Based Dietary Guidelines In Africa – Guidance From A Regional Technical Consultation Meeting

Dietary Diversity of The School Feeding Program & Factors Influencing The Program In The Urban Slums Of Nairobi, Kenya

Dietary intake and serum vitamin D status in patients with hypertension in the north of Islamic Republic of Iran

Dietary intake assessment of branched-chain amino acids in type 2 diabetic patients – A preliminary study

Effect of an integrated agriculture-nutrition education program on nutrition knowledge & dietary diversity in rural farming households of Central Uganda

Effect of home fortification of complementary foods with micronutrient powder on morbidity, iron deficiency and anemia among infants young children in Northern Zambia

Food & Nutrition Security

Workshop Abstracts

Oral Abstracts

The predominance of food assistance over livestock and crop production in the livelihoods of rural Mabutsane communities in Botswana A cause for concern

Contribution of different potato cultivars to dietary diversity

Coping strategies and food variety in rural and urban communities in SA

Come dine with me Tswana meals – Perceptions and knowledge of traditional foods among Tswana women of different generations in rural South Africa

A tale of two countries linking family farms, local biodiversity and institutional food procurement in Kenya and Brazil

Assessment of Food Insecurity among Tehranian’s households

Differences in food sold in supermarkets located in communities with different socio economic status, South Africa

Analysis of Food Security Situation in the Aged Population of a Drought Affected District of Sindh, Pakistan

Pathways to Food Security in South Africa Quality vs. Quantity

Food security What it means for women and children in India

Improving agriculture production, food accessibility and consumption through the promotion of Natural Farming in post conflict areas of Sri Lanka

Understanding the double burden of malnutrition in food insecure households in Brazil

Food security status and related factors of undergraduate students receiving financial aid at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg campus

Mineral nutrients essential to human health and their status in fresh and processed foods collected from the greater Cape Town area, South Africa.

Household food security level as assessed by dietary intake and anthropometric indices of preschool children in cassava producing households Ohaji, lmo state, Nigeria

Comparison of South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines and food group knowledge between Grade R boys and girls in suburban schools in Durban, South Africa

A Survey on Drought Situation in Tharparkar, Pakistan

Are healthy diets really more expensive Healthy Diets ASAP (Australian Standardized Affordability and Pricing) methods and results

Determination of nutritional anaemia among pregnant in Tamale Metropolis

The Contribution Of Irish Potato Towards Household Dietary Consumption And Food Security In Dedza District, Malawi

Multidimensional Food Insecurity Measurement

Nutrition security in South Africa

Determination of household food security and anthropometric status of children aged 3 to 5 years in Maungani Village

Systematic review, Process evaluation and Knowledge translation of community interventions to tackle a ‘wicked problem’ Food Insecurity

Nutritional Water Productivity of Traditional Vegetable Crops

The role of traditional chickens in food security in Africa

The Mulheres Mil Program and the Food and Nutrition Security in Brazil

The informal economy’s role in feeding cities – a missing link in policy debates

HIV AIDS An underestimated danger for agriculture and nutrition

Food consumption patterns and weight gain among Brazilian adults

Food insecurity and malnutrition in children younger than 5 years in Bobo Dioulasso city of Burkina Faso

Household food insecurity, nutritional status and morbidity in Brazilian children

Mycotoxin exposures of infants 0-6 months old living in rural areas of Eastern Cape Province, South Africa – PhilaSana Project

Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory activities of Athrixia phylicoides blended with commercially and non-commercially herbal teas

Analysing the impact of supply shocks on staple food affordability in South Africa

Food consumption in India comparison of national and regional dietary data sources

Poster Abstracts

Diet Quality of an Urban Malaysian Population & Relationship to Cardiometabolic Markers and Income

Dietary Diversity Of Elderly Persons In Maseru Lesotho

Dietary practices of quota and non-quota students at a Brazilian public university

Effect of wall material on the property of Gac oil spray-dried power & shelf-life of product storage

Evidence Against Common Sense in Nutrition 1 – How many meals a day should I take to achieve a healthy weight

Food environments & food accessibility in Cape Town, South Africa – The current state of the literature

Food insecurity & its association with depressive symptoms among people living with HIV in Accra, Ghana

Food insecurity & undernutrition in treated HIV patients a (post-) conflict setting – A cross sectional study from Goma, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Household food & nutrition security in rural and urban communities in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria

Meal Habits of Brazilian Adolescents & Adults- Analysis The National Dietary Survey, 2008-2009

Perceived Nytritive & Health Benefits of Indegenous Vegetables Found in Enugu State Nigeria

Promoting healthy & sustainable food environments, SHUFE – A framework to assess the university setting

Quality Control Parameters of Cucurbita Ficifolia Bouché for Phytotherapeutics

Repeated reports on persistent problems – An available literature synthesis on undernutrition in the semi-arid Karamoja Region of North Eastern Uganda

Rethinking Livelihoods & Food Security – The Case of Zimbabwean Migrants Working & Living on Borderline Farms in South Africa

Seasonality & its role on the diet & food security of pregnant women living in rural Bangladesh

Socio-Technical Controversies about Biofortification Food Crops in Brazil

The association between the extent of women’s participation in agriculture decision-making & household food-security in Luwero district, Central Uganda

University Food Environment – the experience of a collaborative group of Brazilian universities

Using Mixed-Methods to Create a Picture of Food Security among Western Australian Children

Adolescentes’ Consumption Of Healthy Eating Markers In Southern Brazil

Approach Integration of Agroecology & Food and Nutrition Security according to its application in short agrifood chains

Assessing co-morbidity and correlates of wasting & stunting among children in Somalia using cross-sectional household surveys – 2007 to 2010

Association between food insecurity & micronutrient deficiencies in children assisted in the National Health System in Rio de Janeiro

Availability of ultra-processed foods (UPF) in a public university & its surroundings in Rio de Janeiro, 2011-2012, Brazil

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Indegenous Vegetables found in Enugu North Agricultural Zone of Enugu State

Compositional characteristics of Marama (Tylosema Esculentum) storage root flour

Consumer Awareness & Acceptability of a Bambara Groundnut Complementary Food in Rural Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Creating Value for Smallholder Farmers – Corporate Social Responsibility for Agricultural Development – the Case of Cocoa Life

Law & Regulation in Public Health Nutrition

Workshop Abstracts

Oral Abstracts

Qualitative assessment of adolescents’ and caregivers’ perceptions of a front-of-package labeling system to encourage healthier beverage choices in Guatemala

Reforming food regulatory systems to protect and promote public health nutrition

Regulating the marketing of foods to children in South Africa which nutrient profiling model should be used

Salt Behaviours and Salt Intake in South African Adults, a Pre-Legislation Baseline Preliminary Results from the Who Sage Study

Sodium and potassium intake in South African evaluation of 24-hour urine collections in a White, Black and Indian population

Sodium content reduction in foods an analysis on the voluntary agreements in Brazil

Stakeholders influence on the 2014 Nutrient Front-of-Package-Labelling (FOPL) policy in Mexico

Systematic Review of National Nutrition Policies in OECD countries

The People vs Big BeverageThe Role of Civil Society in Advocating for a National Mexican Soda Tax

The Price Exam Study combining experimental methods, econometric models, and simulation modelling to determine price elasticity values for studying food taxes and subsidies

The quality of vegetables produced in Cape Town in terms of their cadmium, lead and zinc concentrations

Unhealthy food marketing barriers and regulation perspectives in Brazil

Achieving the World Health Organization sodium target Estimation of reductions required in the sodium content of packaged foods and other sources of dietary sodium

Agenda setting and stakeholders’ participation in debates surrounding the Mexican soda tax

Changes in tax policy and support for vegetable farmers in Iceland – Effects on price and consumption

Conflicts of interest in Food and Nutrition within the university sharing the experience of a workshop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Free sugar labelling is better than total sugar labelling to identify high-sugar “foods to limit” in the Canadian prepackaged food supply

Municipal informal trade by-law making and enforcement and its impact on the right to food

Obesogenic retail food environments around more and less socially deprived schools in New Zealand a national survey

Poster Abstracts

Malnutrition Treatment & Prevention

Workshop Abstracts

Oral Abstracts

Good nutrition for every last child

High protein dietary supplement improves nutritional status and recovery in children with Burkitt lymphoma a non-randomised controlled study

Improved Breastfeeding Support to Treat Acute Malnutrition amongst Infants under 6 months (IBAMI)

Inter-individual inequality in BMI An analysis of Indonesian longitudinal family life surveys (1993-2007)

Iodised salt and iodine supplements for prenatal and postnatal growth a rapid scoping of existing systematic reviews

Is Nutrition emerging as a priority for addressing Tuberculosis New Public Programs on Nutrition Supplementation for Tuberculosis patients in three states of India

Malnutrition, Low folate rich diet and risk of Neural tube defects in Pakistani Hospital Population

Nutrition Status and weight changes among breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy at Kenyatta National Hospital

Nutritional content analysis of cooking television shows targeting children

Older Adults perspectives on nutrition and food choice – an opportunity for tackling malnutrition in the longer term

Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites, and its Association with Severe Acute Malnutrition Related Diarrhoea

Reduction in SAM mortality experience from South Africa

Review of a multi-sectoral approach that contributed

Role and Value of Milk in Diets of Children in Pastoral Community

Severe Malnutrition treatment and prevention in South African context

Women’s Empowerment and Children’s Nutritional Status

A decade review of the Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) Case Fatality Rate (CFR) in Children under 5 in KZN

Adequacy of Calories, Zinc

An analysis of common factors in deaths of children under 5 years old admitted with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in KZN, South

Formulation and Evaluation of Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Foods using Locally Available Ingredients

Poster Abstracts

Improving strategies for inpatient management of severe acute malnutrition and medical complications in children – a new WHO medical module distributed in South Sudan

Internacional Allometric Scaling For Weight And Height In Children And Adolescents In 3 Multiethnic Countries

Longer duration of diabetes in young patients is associated with a higher risk of stunting, in the primary healthcare network in Kinshasa

Mycotoxin occurrence in red meat and red meat products

Nutritional adequacy in undernourished children from 6 to 59 months of age, in Cantagalo (São Tomé e Príncipe)

Prevalence of anemia and vitamin A deficiency (VAD) in preschool children assisted at the Brazilian National Health System (NHS) in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Protective Effect Of Grewia Bicolor On Some Markers Of Oxidative Stress In Wistar Rats

Regulation of food Front-of-Package-labeling law experiences in Latin America

The level of knowledge,perception and usage of fermented foods for feeding young children in Heilbron, Free State Province

The relationship between Body Mass Index,skinfold thickness and handgrip strengths of Ellisras rural children aged 9 – 15

An Investigation of Possible Contributing Risk Factors Related To Diet nd Lifestyle Which May Cause Hypertension In Male Employees Of Hotazel Manganese Mines

Cooking workshops as a strategy for ambulatory management of diet among overweight, obese children

Depressive symptoms, loss of appetite and undernutrition among treated HIV patients- a cross sectional study in Goma, the Democratic republic of Congo

Detection and Management of Severely Wasted children with WHZ need Changes and Innovations – Example of Ethiopia

Developing and Testing the Acceptability of Therapeutic Food for the Management of Severely Malnourished Children

Effect Of Formulated Drink And Snack From Cocoa, Moringa, Composite Flour And Ewe Eran (Thaumatococcus Danielli) As An Organic Sweetener On The Nutritional Status Of Wistar Rats

Effects of incorporation of grape skin and extrusion cooking on the nutritional and functional properties of cassava-defatted soy porridges

Evaluation of effectiveness of cost free malnutrition programme for children in Burkina Faso health district

Factors affecting the Nutritional status of preschool children in Owerri Municipal Imo state Nigeria

Factors influencing food choices of mothers with primary school children in the Metro-North Education District of the Western Cape, South Africa

The First 1000 Days, Infant Feeding, and Early Childhood Development

Workshop Abstracts

Oral Abstracts

Household food insecurity and child weight status is mediated by mother’s depression, infant feeding behaviors and diet quality

Impact of financial incentives for low-income pregnant women participants of the Brazilian cash transfer program on early identification of pregnancy 1

Impact of financial incentives for low-income pregnant women participants of the Brazilian cash transfer program on early identification of pregnancy 2

Effect of mycotoxin exposure on anthropometric measures of infants 0-6 months old living in rural areas of Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Food-based daily Grand Nutrition supplement and nutrition education reduce malnutrition in the 1000 days critical window of opportunity in rural Uganda

Childhood stunting in Africa Rising context – a system dynamics model (2013-2050)

Ultra-processed food products (UPF) consumption among children under two years of age assisted at the NHS in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Protecting breastfeeding through workplace support Piloting a Mother – Baby Friendly Office Movement in Asia Pacific Region

Mother’s nutritional intake practices during pregnancy and child feeding practices among the tribal population of Gadchiroli, Maharashtra India.

The consumption of unhealthy foods by Brazilian children with low birth weight between six and 12 months

Correcting for inflammation modifies estimates of vitamin A and iron deficiencies among pregnant women in western Kenya

Feeding practices, HIV exposure and infant’s nutritional status in the first 1000 days_ a study of infants from selected districts in Botswana.

Concomitant exposure to aflatoxins and fumonisins of infants under six months of age in Tanzania

Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) in South Africa from 2010 to 2013 Changes in National Infant Feeding Policy and Practice Result in Increased EBF

Changing the tide on infant mortality and morbidity through breastfeeding support, promotion and protection, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa

Low Birth Weight Was The Starting Point Leading to Stunting at Children Aged 12-23 Months in Indonesia

Testing the acceptability of play yards as a potential intervention to reduce fecal oral contamination in rural Zimbabwe

Breastfeeding beyond the clinic walls – breastfeeding in the socio-cultural context of South Africa

Breastfeeding during caesarean section in a Bangladeshi hospital

Integrating early childhood development in work of Community Health Workers – Experience from Mitanin Program of Chhattisgarh, India

Working together in the Western Cape The First 1000 Days Initiative

Assessment of educational material concerning the first 1000 days of a child’s life, Breede Valley, Western Cape, South Africa

Effectiveness of a normative nutrition intervention (diet, physical activity and breastfeeding) on maternal nutrition and offspring growth the Chilean

Consumption of added sugars and dietary quality of US HIV-exposed uninfected infants and toddlers

Feeding practices among children aged 6- 23 months 24m assisted at the NHS in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nutrient composition & sensory properties of infant food produced from blends of fermented Guinea corn, Kersting bean and half-ripe banana flour

Breast milk intake, fat and energy content of breast milk A 4-day test-weighing study in exclusively breastfed South African infants

Quality assessement of acha-based complementary foods improved with sesame, crayfish and date palm

Antioxidant Micronutrient Status And Pregnancy Outcomes In Ghanaian Adolescents Attending Antenatal Clinic In Urban & Rural Hospitals

Describe the use of length based indices in growth assessment of children at primary care clinics in Grahamstown clinics

The increased frequency and extension of breastfeeding practices in Brazilian children during two decades

Breastfeeding Pattern among Mothers and Nutritional Status of Children Under Two Years in Osogbo Local Government Area, Osun State Nigeria

Assessment of labelling practices of commercially produced complementary foods in 4 developing countries against the latest guidance from WHO

Maternal Preconception Body Mass Index and Gestational Weight Gain A Prospective Cohort Study to Prevent Low Birth Weight

Long Term Effects Of Guatemalan Refugees Exposure To Famine In Chiapas, Mexico – Higher risk of chronic diseases as result

Infant and Young Child Feeding Policy Implementation among healthcare workers in the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District, Eastern Cape

The changing schooling profile of mother and non-mother Brazilian women in the last 20 years

Reviewing the Evaluation of Nutrition Interventions for South African Children from Conception to 5 years

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The Impact of Food Systems on Nutrition, Diet & Health

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The Political Economy of Public Health Nutrition

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The Right to Health, Food, Water, Land & Resources

Workshop Abstracts