Marisa Macari

Marisa Macari is the Coordinator of Nutritional Health Research at El Poder del Consumidor, a Mexican not-for-profit organization that advocates for policies in the public interest that promote consumer rights as well as the right to health, food, nutrition, clean air and efficient urban mobility. Working in collaboration with the Nutritional Health Alliance, El Poder del Consumidor, seeks to advance an evidence-based, comprehensive policy agenda to ensure healthy food environments and to prevent obesity and undernutrition. Marisa’s research at El Poder del Consumidor focuses on the sugar-sweetened beverage tax, child-targeted food and beverage marketing, healthy school food policy, and front-of-pack warning labeling.

El Poder del Consumidor, as a member of Consumers International, is a participating organization of the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) for relations to the UN Committee on World Food Security. Marisa is currently serving as a member of the CSM Coordinating Committee for the consumer’s constituency and as a coordinator of the CSM Nutrition Working Group. Marisa has a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Oxford; her doctoral thesis explores the structural, political and economic conditions shaping the food practices of Mexicans after migration to the United States.