David Woodward

David Woodward is an independent writer and researcher on development issues. He has been a professional development economist for more than 30 years, working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK Executive Director’s Office in the IMF and World Bank, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, Save the Children, Progressio and nef (the new economics foundation), as well as independently and as a freelance consultant. Most recently, he has been Senior Economic Adviser to the Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes of UNCTAD.

His work has covered debt, structural adjustment, globalisation, trade and foreign direct investment, with a particular focus on linkages between structures, policies and developments at the global level and impacts on poverty and health. He is the author of Debt, Adjustment and Poverty in Developing Countries (Pinter Publishers, 1992) and The Next Crisis? Direct and Equity Investment in Developing Countries (Zed Books, 2001) and of articles in journals in the fields of economics, health, development and political economy, as well as numerous discussion papers, and is co-editor of Global Public Goods for Health: Economic and Public Health Perspectives (OUP, 2003).