Enrique Jacoby

Dr Jacoby is an M.D. from San Marcos University, Lima-Peru (1980) and a MPH in Nutrition from John Hopkins University (1988-89). From 2001 to 2015 he was appointed Regional Advisor on Nutrition at the Pan-American Health Organization/WHO in Washington, D.C., where he coordinated several initiatives on obesity prevention, active living, public transportation and sustainable urban planning. While at PAHO Jacoby assisted several MOH, parliamentarians and civil society organizations in various countries (i.e. Brazil, C Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia) on issues related to childhood obesity, advertising of food and beverages to children, front of pack labeling and other food regulatory aspects.

From August 2011 to May 2012, Dr Jacoby was Vice-Minister of Health of Peru. A period during which he actively supported national efforts for the approval of a Healthy Eating Law and started a public discussion about the need for a tax on “junk food”.
During his last two years at PAHO Enrique led a Regional effort to develop a Plan of Action for the Prevention of Obesity among Children and Adolescents (PoA), which was ratified by PAHO Directing Council in October 2014. In 2015, Jacoby led a scientific expert consultation and an internal group in PAHO that produced the first science-based Nutrient Profile Model, which serves to identify ultra-processed foods and beverages that are in excess of critical nutrients.
Before joining PAHO, Dr. Jacoby was P.I. at the Nutrition Research Institute of Lima (1985-1999) and during 1995-97 he was a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Pediatrics, UC Davis School of Medicine, California.