Alejandro Cavillo Unna

Alejandro received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-UAM and has carried out doctoral studies in Philosophy at the Universidad de Barcelona (pending degree). He served as a Program Associate for Higher Learning in the Environment and Sustainable Development at El Colegio de México.

He was a founding member of Greenpeace Mexico where he collaborated for 12 years, including a 5 year period as Executive Director, before founding the consumer rights organization El Poder del Consumidor in 2006, where he serves as the current director. In Greenpeace he designed and coordinated public awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns on issues of air pollution and public transportation, nuclear energy and climate change, the impact of the oil industry on ecosystems in southeastern Mexico and the effects of hyperconsumerism on climate change.

In his work at El Poder del Consumidor he has been designing and coordinated studies and public awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns on the impact of child targeted marketing, school food policy, a soda tax and effective front-of-package labeling on public nutrition and health, particularly children’s, and the study of the causes and effects of the obesity and overweight epidemic in Mexico.
He promote the creation of the Nutritional Health Alliance, a broad-based network of producers, consumers, nutrition experts, development advocates and academics who promote comprehensive policy to combat the deterioration of traditional diets and healthy eating habits and the obesity epidemic in Mexico.